Saturday, May 23, 2015


 My Hailey girl turned four today.
 Hailey is most definitely my easiest girl when it comes to attitude. Probably my hardest girl when it comes to causing trouble. 
 But boy, is she funny! 
She says the funniest things, and comes up with the most random stuff. 
Her voice is probably the cutest thing. She talks almost with an accent, and I hope it lasts a long time. I'll miss the speech imperfections from this one.
She keeps busy and us even busier. 

Hailey is one of those kids who just gets along with everyone. 
She's easy going, and goes with it - whatever it is. 
 She changes her favourite colour weekly, and memorizes song lyrics like nothing I've ever seen. 

She is still girly girly girly! She loves dress-up, and anything "pretty". She has to pick out her outfit every morning, and the second thing she does in the morning (after her morning bathroom break) is finds the brush and something for me to put in her hair.
 She is always happy. 
Unless of course, she's crabby. And this only happens if she's tired. 
At that point, she's easily annoyed, and does this foot stomp thing without even realizing she's doing it.
She's mostly happy though, and can lighten the mood by just entering a room. She just has an overall happy-go-lucky personality that I absolutely adore.

 Today she waited all day for us to sing her Happy Birthday. I got home late, so finally after dinner we took out the cupcakes and sang to her.
 It took her so long to blow out all those candles. She was aiming that air in the wrong direction! So, when she finally got them all out - one by one - she was so proud!
 She's funny because she likes opening the cards almost as much as opening the gift!

 She was even more thrilled to open a picture drawn by Gracie. Hanna made her a picture a couple days before with my mom, and gave it to her then.
 Her favourite thing right now is Duck Tales. So, we got her some Duck Tales! Of course she got a pretty birthday outfit too, but for once, the pretty outfit took second place. She was thrilled for her new movies! I was glad about that because I felt really weird getting a four year old DVDs for her birthday!

We are so blessed to have the sunshine she brings every single day to our life. 
Happy Birthday to our littlest big girl! 
We love you! 

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