Sunday, May 24, 2015

special day

Today we celebrated Gracie's First Communion! 
She was nervous at first, (actually wanted nothing to do it because she hates being centered out) until I told her that we would schedule it to be the same date as one of her good friends, Makayla. 
 She was so thrilled that she got to wear my dress from my first communion. After the ceremony, I talked to the girl who organized the whole thing, and she told me that Gracie told everyone she talked to that she was wearing her mom's dress. I thought that was pretty sweet, and I think it was very special that we are able to share the same dress!
 We had everyone come back to the house to have some communion cake, and celebrate Hailey's birthday. 

This was kind of like a flashback for my mom and dad. But very cool. 
I wish I had the picture of me with my Nanny and Pappy way back in 1993 in the same dress.
She couldn't get out of it fast enough though. Her shoes were off as soon as we got back in the car, and she was in her bathing suit within 10 minutes of being home. She's my flip-flop kid. 
 Hailey asked for a Mickey cake, so she got one. Not my best work...but she was happy. 
She ended up sitting on my dad for candle blowing because it was so windy and the house would block the wind. He ended up being the card reader, and wrapper assistant. 
 I don't think he minded. :)  
 She opened  gift from Michelle first that was a Doc McStuffins case of doctor stuff, and she was thrilled. Then one of the gifts from my mom and dad was a little McStuffins figurine play set. As soon as she saw it, her eyes lit up and she said "another McStuffins? No way!!" She's such a goof.

 We had a good day. 
So blessed to have family who's lives revolve around these kids. There's so much love around us every single day, and I couldn't be more proud to be part of such an amazing family. 

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