Saturday, May 2, 2015


Two years ago today, we were so surprised when we welcomed a baby boy into our lives! 
We were both totally expecting another girl - no lie. 
 Let me tell you though, having this beautiful boy in our lives is such a blessing. 
He is truly our sunshine on a cloudy day. 
He is the happiest kid and so easy going and laid-back. 
He just goes with the flow. 
His favourite thing is to be outside. 
He'll put on whatever shoes (or boots) he can find before pushing the door open and heading out onto his little jeep or tractor. 
He's done this in freezing cold weather, wearing nothing but briefs and rubber boots. 
He likes chasing Ritz around, and laughs from his belly when she waddles so fast that she trips. 

He loves water, and especially walking through it in his shoes, when it's way too cold to get wet feet.
He gets into a lot of trouble...
like climbing onto cupboards...
and change tables...
and pretty much anything off the ground...
 and hitting girls with broomsticks...
and he has little mini hissy fits. He stomps his little feet while spinning in a circle.
But who could ever stay mad at this face? 
He kills me!

He's a really good boy. 
It's actually rare for him to have little meltdowns, and when he does, you know he must be very tired or something is really up. 
He's got many sweet teeth in that little mouth. 
He loves to eat, and he'll try anything. 
He was eating sauerkraut the other day with sausages. Even Hailey wouldn't try it, and he was eating it by the fork full. 

He's definitely a boy. 
He's not a fan bugs yet, but he loves dirt, trucks, and tractors. He's even getting used to loud noises, which was his biggest weakness last year. 
He has list of words and phrases he says, but it's not overly long. He's not a talker. 
Here's a few:
Halla - Hanna
Day- Grace (he calls Gracie)
Ah-wee - Hailey
Abby - Kalli
Tota - Koda
ew-ee-ow - cereal
bin - drink
Nana - Yuli
die - outside
ma mow - more
ew - hair
no- nose
ba dee - mouth 
dat you - thank you
pee - please
He also says these things next to perfectly:
another one

Happy Birthday baby boy. 
You are truly the sweetest blessing.

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