Monday, June 1, 2015

Hanna update

I realized it's been a while!
So, where do I begin? 
Should I start with how she's reading many words, or how she's reading and solving math problems all on her own? 
Maybe I'll just talk about her overall awesomeness. 
Yep, that's an idea. 
She's pretty awesome. Doing great in every area. She's now officially over 30 lbs! 30.4 to be exact. :) 
Her fine motor skills are coming along great, and she's even buttoning some things now! That's huge for her. She really is quite behind in her fine motor skills with her tiny hands, and weak grasp, but she's come a long way. Writing and brailling is helping a lot, and she's got cutting with scissors perfected. All of these things are really helping with her strength. 

She's slowly getting closer and closer to graduating from speech therapy. She has been working on the "k" and "g" back sounds, and is now saying them with a reminder. The only sounds she's having a hard time with are "L" and "th". It's like night and day from when she first started. She wasn't starting words with "s" or saying "f" at all last year. Her teacher can't say more about how far she's come.

She's still loving piano, and can now play the entire "twinkle twinkle" with both hands almost fumble-free. She can play a tune by hearing it once. She really has an ear for the notes.

 I mentioned a while back that she had a blood test to look for food sensitivities and wanted to give an update on that as well. 
The test she had was an MRT Food Sensitivity test. 
MRT is a method of accurately measuring mediator release.  MRT does this by measuring changes in the liquids to solids ratio of your blood after your blood has been exposed and incubated with the test substance.  It accounts for all reactions by your immune cells.  This is done as an indicator that your immune cells have released chemical mediators such as histamines, cytokines and others. -
We got those results, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what to do. It's possible, but it's hard. 
We are supposed to totally eliminate all of the following from her diet because her immune cells were reactive with all of them:

-FD&C red #4
-benzoic acid

-American cheese

Flavour Enhancers


-yellow squash

-amaranth (grain)



-pinto bean
-garbanzo bean

There you have it. Quite the list. The big ones to me are fructose (which is basically in EVERYTHING, and had the biggest reaction), chicken, and eggs. 
 Right now I'm on the lookout for some cereal that doesn't have rice or fructose in it, which I'm finding is next to impossible, and bread without fructose. We'll figure it out!
It's good anyway, to have a list of things and know that she might react to them. Right now, some are just being moderated, and some are being completely removed. She's always had digestive upsets, so this is at least a start. I'm glad we did the test. Anything we can do to help this kid thrive, we will do it.  She's an amazing little thing, and nothing seems to slow her down. 


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Marcie in Canada said...

What a gem that kid! I'm sure music is one of her gifts. God bless her!