Friday, June 12, 2015

last day of school

Today was officially the last day of school for my girls. 
Gracie got done her books last week, and we took one more week to finish off her big project. 
She had to choose one Canadian person to learn about, and put together a presentation to present to my parents. 

I decided last minute, that Hanna should do a project too. I let her choose her favourite animal. 
I don't have actual workbooks for Hanna right now that will work for her, so I make my own work pages for her to do. I made sure she was at a certain level before determining her last day as well, and I made darn sure it was the same last day as Gracie. Hanna will still be doing "school" all summer, but not formally, and no structure to it. We'll keep up with the Hooked on Phonics and work math in wherever we can all summer long just to keep it fresh in her mind. 

They both did a great job and answered all of the questions my parents had for them. I'm proud of these girls, and so happy to be done school for the year!

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