Sunday, June 14, 2015

messy party

Austin had his 9th birthday party coming up, and Kristyn wanted it to be something different. Something fun for everyone. Her decision? 
A messy party!
 To start things off, they played painted twister!
 Some liked getting messier than others....

 Then it came time to "paint the birthday boy!" and just make him as messy as possible.
 I think Ben thought everyone was out of their minds.
 There was a storm brewing, so the games were fast and over quickly, but the kids had a blast. There were also water guns full of paint to add to the messiness.

 After it started raining they played the last game on the porch. They had to find the gummy worms under the whipped cream and pudding, without their hands.

 The party was so much fun for the kids. Too bad the weather wasn't more co-operative. Seems like the trend these days. 
Great party Kristyn! Genius idea!

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