Monday, June 8, 2015

strawberry picking!

When we moved into this house, the previous owners had a beautiful vegetable garden, that we just couldn't even think about maintaining the first summer we were here. The strawberries were always, and still are abundant, and are so thick that they don't even need to be weeded. 
I've added to the garden this year, and we have so many veggies and fruit to look forward to!
Of course the kids' favourite plants right now are the strawberries, since they are the only ones we can pick so far. (I'm sure the taste helps too!)  Every year they spread a little bit more across the garden, multiplying. Every day they go out and pick them - eating most, but still bringing back a whole bowl full, which I've recently started to freeze for later.
 I've also gotten straight into beekeeping. So, my plan for the garden was well thought out, to keep the bees busy, happy, and away from playing kiddos. 
Melons, and large flowering fruit are closest to the hive, and the strawberries are furthest away.
I'm sure the bees will be all over the strawberries, but at least the kids have had lots of days bee-free. They will soon learn how to be cautious and mindful of the little, buzzing honey-makers!
I'm just glad they're all happy to help pick. Eventually, maybe they'll be just as enthusiastic about weeding. 

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