Sunday, July 26, 2015

on the pontoon

 My friend Crystal and her husband, Jim invited the kids and I on a day trip with them to the beach! 
They have a pontoon boat, that the kids would just love, and they are great company! So, of course we jumped at it. 

The pontoon is so much fun. It's rough, and it is red neck. 
It has an "A-OOGA" horn, and it's painted in camo. You get the picture here, right? 
It. Was. Awesome.

As soon as we got to the beach where we would be having lunch, the kids couldn't wait to get into the water. There were minnows all over, so they grabbed their nets and their buckets and they went at it!
 This beach is so nice because the water is shallow enough that the kids can go a little ways without us having to worry (too much). 
 For the ones who weren't interested in the water, or needed a break, of course we had chairs. Submerged into the water.
 And a certain someone didn't move, almost all day. He liked being served kettle corn and relaxing with his toes in the water. Stinker.
 Gracie and Makayla had a great time. They jumped off the pontoon, and just swam all day long.

 We filled up on fire-cooked hotdogs and goodies, and just sat around and baked in the sun. The kids had a blast. 
Hanna loved the swings. She's my swing girl. 
This particular swing hung about 4 feet off the ground, so she couldn't even get on it herself. Once I got her on though, there was no stopping her. 
She flew.
 And I held my breath the entire time.

After we had enough of the sun for the day, we picked up and made our way back. We got back to their place and made hobo pies on the fire for dinner, and finished off the day with a camp fire, s'mores, and sparklers.

Matt was even able to stop by before work for some pies and s'mores. He brought along Kalli so she wouldn't be home alone all night.
She did great in the tent all night! 
We had a really great time with some really great friends. It was the perfect day!

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