Friday, August 28, 2015

dentist with hanna

As horrible as this sounds, Hanna hasn't really ever had a "real" dental exam done. She's been to the dentist three times, but never has had a real exam. They've done the whole "let's count your teeth, and have a look" exam, but not a real cleaning or anything. Not sure why, they just haven't!
I've been nervous about bringing her because I know that in her six years, some damage has been done to those little teeth. 
Her front teeth are worn and chipped, and I know she has a few cavities in there. 

Today was the day that she would finally go in, get a good exam, and get some work done!
Our local dentist is awesome. He is so great with kids, and the entire team there is just so friendly. Hanna felt very comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. 

I gave them a brief background on our Hanna, and he did a thorough exam. 

She has three cavities that need to be filled, but he's not worried about her front teeth being so worn down. He said it's actually common for those teeth to do that. I haven't seen it, but I'll take it! 

He did x-rays and saw that all of her permanent teeth look great, and those front teeth are well on their way to fall out any time! ( I just hope she perfects that "F" sound before they do!) 

After x-rays she got back up into her chair and she got some laughing gas. It didn't make her put her to sleep! 
The kid was out! 
He filled one cavity for us today, and she goes back next week for the next one.
She had a perfect and pain-free experience, and she's actually looking forward to the next visit.
She told me when we were walking to the car: "Mum, my mouth feels weird! But I liked that gas!" 
I asked her if she wanted a treat for being so good, and she said she wanted to go to the pet store to see that cats.

So we did. 

I also got her a milkshake. 

 My big girl. 
She really is. 
I'm very proud of her today, and so, so relieved she did so great.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

wind blown

We've had some nice, cooler weather for the past few days, and I was really enjoying it. 
Today though, the warm air has started to come back, and it was windy! 
Three of the kids (Hanna played inside because she said it was too cold...) ran around and were just being so crazy in the wind. I found it so funny while I was watching from in the house. Kalli is like one of the kids. They did a big tackle pile at one point and Kalli was right on top! I just had to go out and take some pictures. They were all having so much fun!

They are nuts!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

a ting!

Hailey: Mom, can you get down one ting out of the basket for me?

Me: Sure. What thing?

Hailey: *stares at me blankly.* No. A ting.

Me: .....  A ting??

Hailey: No. A TING! You know, that dances with the princess!

Me: Oh! A KKKing! 

Hailey: Yeah! A ting! 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Canada's Wonderland

I was trying to figure out something different to do with the kids, and my mom had the great idea of Canada's Wonderland! 
We weren't sure how many rides there would be for the kids since they're all still pretty small, but we were willing to chance it. 
Turned out to be a great place for them!
Almost as soon as we got into the park Gracie spotted a game. 
Oh Lordy. No one wins carnival games. 
My mom offered to buy Gracie a couple tries, and after watching a few people fail, she figured she knew what they were doing wrong. 
*Goal: to reach the top of the spinny ladder*
 It was a fail. 
I don't have very many pictures at all because I didn't want the bulkiness of my big camera all day, and cell phones weren't permitted on almost every ride!
Oh well. 
We hit up swans next. My mom was so lucky to have all three youngest kids in her boat. What can I say, she's a popular woman with these kids.
 Gracie was more than happy with the slow, easy, kiddie rides. I did end up making her (yes, I'm mean) go on the Pirate Ship with me, and even a wooden roller coaster!

Planet Snoopy was the best for the kids. It had a lot of rides, and some were too big for even Hanna and Hailey to go on without an adult. That means, that the rides were even pretty fun for my mom and I! (Which I really wasn't expecting.)

There was a "spooky ride" that Hanna and Hailey are still talking about. They weren't big fans of this one with skeletons and ghosts being your target to shoot at with a lazer gun. Poor Hanna was even in the front of our car all by herself, being the first one to greet the scary guys! She'll never forget that one, that's for sure!
We opted out of the water park, even though we went on the hottest day of the year - but we did get ice cream! Of course!

 The very last thing we did before calling it quits at the park, was walk through the dinosaur exhibit, Dinosaurs Alive. It was pretty cool. Animatronic dinosaurs that were pretty realistic looking. The kids didn't want to get out of the wagon because they looked so real!

 We didn't even watch the 3D movie that went along with the exhibit, because everyone was just exhausted! 
It was a full, fun, day and we still had the pool at the hotel to enjoy! 
We got back to the hotel and the pool was a little too chilly for Hanna and Hailey, so my mom went back to the room with them. I stayed with Ben and Gracie for a while, and then made it back to the room for some goodies and a movie. 
The next morning we were on our way back home. It was a great trip! I don't do too much with just my mom, so this was such a nice treat for me (and the kids!). 
Thanks for the great idea Mom! 
We all had a great time!


Friday, August 14, 2015

picture of the day

I love how Hailey loves to dress up. If you look close enough, her feet are filthy, and so is her face. The dress is torn on the bottom from dragging, but she wears it confidently and thinks she looks like true royalty. 
I love it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

being the only boy means...

Having to hook up to a My Little Pony vehicle when he can't find his tractor. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

the drive in!

 We've been keeping an eye on the development of the one and only drive in theater around. It's a little bit over an hour away, and totally worth the drive.
It's still under construction, but this was their opening weekend, so we figured it was a great time to check it out!
 I didn't even tell the kids where we were going.
When we got there, I still don't think they knew where we were! They've never been to a drive in. 
When I told them exactly what would be happening though, they were all beyond thrilled.
 It was Matt's first night off since he's been back to work, so I had to drag him. He's a homebody and would love to just hang out in his pajamas on his night off. I wasn't having that though, and he was glad I talked him into it. He got a real kick out of it.
 Kristyn and Brian, the nerds. They treated us all to the night out! Totally unexpected. 
Michelle was there too, but I somehow missed a photo of her. Darnit.
 Matt and I dragged the seats out of our van, so some kids could sit on the benches. We also had a load on the top of the van. Needless to say, we had the "fun" vehicle, and everyone else was kid-less and got to enjoy a movie in their peace and quiet. I was deemed "the kid-lifter, tak-er-downer, and pop-corn passer. :)
 We watched The Minion Movie, and part of Jurassic World. It was 11:30 by the time Jurassic World started, and Hailey was watching the dinosaurs a little bit too intently for my comfort level, especially because they were, indeed, eating people. 
Matt and I had just seen the movie a couple weeks beforehand, so we were okay with leaving at that point.

It was a really fun night out, and I think it will be one of our go-to activities. I'm just so happy to see one open up around here! My mom and dad took us all the time when we were kids, but they all closed down many years ago. 
One of those childhood memories I'll never forget, and now my kids get to experience it as well. So cool!

Friday, August 7, 2015

this dream

 I don't know if it's my mood tonight, as I'm sitting here by myself with kids asleep, and a coffee at my side, but I'm feeling extra blessed. 

We hope to one day build onto our house. Make it our dream house that we would have built one day. 

Our house is small. A ranch. One bathroom. 
Right now though, I'm very pleased with what it is. It's a house full of love, and little dirty feet. 

It has a beautiful kitchen with extra cupboard space that I can store the hundreds of works of art that come from little stained hands that work so hard to create a masterpiece just for me. 

It has three bedrooms. One big enough to sleep four. 

The small living room is big enough to handle six people in the middle of a very exciting My Little Pony marathon with kettle corn on each of their laps. 

There's crooked door frames, with doors that creak, letting me know that it's time for me to get up and start pouring cereal. 

The floors are dirty. Always. Full of little footprints from the previous day of running and playing outside, making memories. 

We've been so focused on what we want the house to be one day, that we're missing everything it is right now. 

It is home. 

We're making incredible memories in this house, and one day, we will make it our dream house. 

As of right now, I'm in no hurry for that dream. I'm living the ultimate dream already. Constant giggles and belly laughs fill these walls daily, and I am surrounded with love everywhere. 

That is the greatest gift, and only a dream for many. This "dream" house - it can wait. My dream is true and alive already, and I'm not going to just let it pass by.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

quick catch-up

I haven't been the best blogger lately.
Summer days means spending as much time with my crazy little ones as I can. 
Little model pose!

  We're doing a lot of just hanging out. I love nothing more than just being home, and spending my time just watching and listening to what happens. As much as there is to do around here, there's always time for just watching. I've learned that you have to make that time. Otherwise, you'll miss everything.
But, a small catch-up is in order. 
A couple weeks ago, Michelle had a birthday party for Payton at her place. 
She had a "beach" party. All the boys got leis, and the girls got grass skirts! So cute. 
 Of course Hanna's had to be completely taken apart and tied back together in the back. :) 
 They played t-ball with water balloons. What an awesome idea!
 After a while, we all took a walk down to the beach. It was a beach party after all!
 Then I had to get this shot of Matt from inside the house. 
You know, just him sitting there all by himself with a lei around his head. 
It was a really great party. Michelle has everything completely under control, and I'm happy to see her getting settled with herself and her kids, and being happy with it just being them. She's doing a great job. She's a great momma.

About a week later, Kristyn and Brian invited Matt and I to sail with them on a volunteer's boat who was taking part in a weekend festival to explore local businesses. It was quite nice to sit and relax on a stranger's boat! 

I've also witnessed my Hanna girl ride all the way to my mom and dad's house on her bike. With training wheels of course. 
This is something I wasn't sure she would ever do. We have tandem bikes always in the back of our minds, and one day we will hopefully get one. For now though, just going to my mom and dad's is something she can do all on her own! It's a straight road all the way, so as long as I keep an eye on her and tell her if she's getting a little close to the ditch, she's awesome!
She was so proud of herself. 
She told me she had to ride with bare feet because her shoes were too big. Ok then. :)

She's been making comments lately about how small she is. She's noticing that her cousins who are younger than her are bigger than she is. The day after we lost Koda, she had a really sad day. She was feeling bad about Koda, and was just upset about everything. 
She came out from the playroom, holding back tears and told me:  "Mama. Hailey's bigger than me. I'm not big enough." I told her that of course she was big enough, and she'll always be the "big" sister, and always be older than Hailey. Her response? "But she's not skinny like me, and look my head. It's smaller than hers!" 
It ruined my entire day. Poor kid. 
I'm really making an effort now to make sure she knows that she gets to do things that Hailey can't, because she's older. She's always going to be little. Eventually though, she'll see how mighty she is, and that size just doesn't matter. I'm just hoping she gets to that point sooner than later, because that, just then, truly broke my heart. 

Aaand...that's about all the catch-up I can do tonight!