Monday, August 17, 2015

Canada's Wonderland

I was trying to figure out something different to do with the kids, and my mom had the great idea of Canada's Wonderland! 
We weren't sure how many rides there would be for the kids since they're all still pretty small, but we were willing to chance it. 
Turned out to be a great place for them!
Almost as soon as we got into the park Gracie spotted a game. 
Oh Lordy. No one wins carnival games. 
My mom offered to buy Gracie a couple tries, and after watching a few people fail, she figured she knew what they were doing wrong. 
*Goal: to reach the top of the spinny ladder*
 It was a fail. 
I don't have very many pictures at all because I didn't want the bulkiness of my big camera all day, and cell phones weren't permitted on almost every ride!
Oh well. 
We hit up swans next. My mom was so lucky to have all three youngest kids in her boat. What can I say, she's a popular woman with these kids.
 Gracie was more than happy with the slow, easy, kiddie rides. I did end up making her (yes, I'm mean) go on the Pirate Ship with me, and even a wooden roller coaster!

Planet Snoopy was the best for the kids. It had a lot of rides, and some were too big for even Hanna and Hailey to go on without an adult. That means, that the rides were even pretty fun for my mom and I! (Which I really wasn't expecting.)

There was a "spooky ride" that Hanna and Hailey are still talking about. They weren't big fans of this one with skeletons and ghosts being your target to shoot at with a lazer gun. Poor Hanna was even in the front of our car all by herself, being the first one to greet the scary guys! She'll never forget that one, that's for sure!
We opted out of the water park, even though we went on the hottest day of the year - but we did get ice cream! Of course!

 The very last thing we did before calling it quits at the park, was walk through the dinosaur exhibit, Dinosaurs Alive. It was pretty cool. Animatronic dinosaurs that were pretty realistic looking. The kids didn't want to get out of the wagon because they looked so real!

 We didn't even watch the 3D movie that went along with the exhibit, because everyone was just exhausted! 
It was a full, fun, day and we still had the pool at the hotel to enjoy! 
We got back to the hotel and the pool was a little too chilly for Hanna and Hailey, so my mom went back to the room with them. I stayed with Ben and Gracie for a while, and then made it back to the room for some goodies and a movie. 
The next morning we were on our way back home. It was a great trip! I don't do too much with just my mom, so this was such a nice treat for me (and the kids!). 
Thanks for the great idea Mom! 
We all had a great time!


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