Friday, August 28, 2015

dentist with hanna

As horrible as this sounds, Hanna hasn't really ever had a "real" dental exam done. She's been to the dentist three times, but never has had a real exam. They've done the whole "let's count your teeth, and have a look" exam, but not a real cleaning or anything. Not sure why, they just haven't!
I've been nervous about bringing her because I know that in her six years, some damage has been done to those little teeth. 
Her front teeth are worn and chipped, and I know she has a few cavities in there. 

Today was the day that she would finally go in, get a good exam, and get some work done!
Our local dentist is awesome. He is so great with kids, and the entire team there is just so friendly. Hanna felt very comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. 

I gave them a brief background on our Hanna, and he did a thorough exam. 

She has three cavities that need to be filled, but he's not worried about her front teeth being so worn down. He said it's actually common for those teeth to do that. I haven't seen it, but I'll take it! 

He did x-rays and saw that all of her permanent teeth look great, and those front teeth are well on their way to fall out any time! ( I just hope she perfects that "F" sound before they do!) 

After x-rays she got back up into her chair and she got some laughing gas. It didn't make her put her to sleep! 
The kid was out! 
He filled one cavity for us today, and she goes back next week for the next one.
She had a perfect and pain-free experience, and she's actually looking forward to the next visit.
She told me when we were walking to the car: "Mum, my mouth feels weird! But I liked that gas!" 
I asked her if she wanted a treat for being so good, and she said she wanted to go to the pet store to see that cats.

So we did. 

I also got her a milkshake. 

 My big girl. 
She really is. 
I'm very proud of her today, and so, so relieved she did so great.

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