Tuesday, August 4, 2015

quick catch-up

I haven't been the best blogger lately.
Summer days means spending as much time with my crazy little ones as I can. 
Little model pose!

  We're doing a lot of just hanging out. I love nothing more than just being home, and spending my time just watching and listening to what happens. As much as there is to do around here, there's always time for just watching. I've learned that you have to make that time. Otherwise, you'll miss everything.
But, a small catch-up is in order. 
A couple weeks ago, Michelle had a birthday party for Payton at her place. 
She had a "beach" party. All the boys got leis, and the girls got grass skirts! So cute. 
 Of course Hanna's had to be completely taken apart and tied back together in the back. :) 
 They played t-ball with water balloons. What an awesome idea!
 After a while, we all took a walk down to the beach. It was a beach party after all!
 Then I had to get this shot of Matt from inside the house. 
You know, just him sitting there all by himself with a lei around his head. 
It was a really great party. Michelle has everything completely under control, and I'm happy to see her getting settled with herself and her kids, and being happy with it just being them. She's doing a great job. She's a great momma.

About a week later, Kristyn and Brian invited Matt and I to sail with them on a volunteer's boat who was taking part in a weekend festival to explore local businesses. It was quite nice to sit and relax on a stranger's boat! 

I've also witnessed my Hanna girl ride all the way to my mom and dad's house on her bike. With training wheels of course. 
This is something I wasn't sure she would ever do. We have tandem bikes always in the back of our minds, and one day we will hopefully get one. For now though, just going to my mom and dad's is something she can do all on her own! It's a straight road all the way, so as long as I keep an eye on her and tell her if she's getting a little close to the ditch, she's awesome!
She was so proud of herself. 
She told me she had to ride with bare feet because her shoes were too big. Ok then. :)

She's been making comments lately about how small she is. She's noticing that her cousins who are younger than her are bigger than she is. The day after we lost Koda, she had a really sad day. She was feeling bad about Koda, and was just upset about everything. 
She came out from the playroom, holding back tears and told me:  "Mama. Hailey's bigger than me. I'm not big enough." I told her that of course she was big enough, and she'll always be the "big" sister, and always be older than Hailey. Her response? "But she's not skinny like me, and look my head. It's smaller than hers!" 
It ruined my entire day. Poor kid. 
I'm really making an effort now to make sure she knows that she gets to do things that Hailey can't, because she's older. She's always going to be little. Eventually though, she'll see how mighty she is, and that size just doesn't matter. I'm just hoping she gets to that point sooner than later, because that, just then, truly broke my heart. 

Aaand...that's about all the catch-up I can do tonight! 

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