Friday, August 7, 2015

this dream

 I don't know if it's my mood tonight, as I'm sitting here by myself with kids asleep, and a coffee at my side, but I'm feeling extra blessed. 

We hope to one day build onto our house. Make it our dream house that we would have built one day. 

Our house is small. A ranch. One bathroom. 
Right now though, I'm very pleased with what it is. It's a house full of love, and little dirty feet. 

It has a beautiful kitchen with extra cupboard space that I can store the hundreds of works of art that come from little stained hands that work so hard to create a masterpiece just for me. 

It has three bedrooms. One big enough to sleep four. 

The small living room is big enough to handle six people in the middle of a very exciting My Little Pony marathon with kettle corn on each of their laps. 

There's crooked door frames, with doors that creak, letting me know that it's time for me to get up and start pouring cereal. 

The floors are dirty. Always. Full of little footprints from the previous day of running and playing outside, making memories. 

We've been so focused on what we want the house to be one day, that we're missing everything it is right now. 

It is home. 

We're making incredible memories in this house, and one day, we will make it our dream house. 

As of right now, I'm in no hurry for that dream. I'm living the ultimate dream already. Constant giggles and belly laughs fill these walls daily, and I am surrounded with love everywhere. 

That is the greatest gift, and only a dream for many. This "dream" house - it can wait. My dream is true and alive already, and I'm not going to just let it pass by.

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Becky Andrews said...

Love, love this .. indeed what matters to be surrounded with those you love.