Tuesday, September 8, 2015

back to school

The dreaded "s" word is now our everyday routine again. 
Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids at home for school. There's just something about the end of summer that depresses me. All of a sudden, the carefree days and wild kids are gone. There has to be structure, and routine, and it's just no fun for the kiddos anymore! 
Never mind the fact that a new school year means that they're all a year older too! 
Just, ugh. 

Oh well. Today we had our first day of school. Gracie is in grade 3 this year. She'll do great, like she always does. She had a great start today, and is excited about the year. 
Hanna is in grade 1/2. I'm using both grades in Hanna's curriculum since she technically could be in grade 2. I just don't want to rush her through the grades. We're taking our time since she's learning so much more than a typical 6 year old would be and she needs the extra practice. I'm not even working with one solid curriculum for her. I'm using Gracie's old books, online sources, and making my own lesson plans for her, and doing it all as we go. I like how flexible we can be, and how we don't have to "keep up" with anyone. She did a solid 4 hours of work today, and did awesome. She's also excited about the year, and I think she'll surprise me this year. 
  Hailey got a new tin of crayons and a crisp colouring book. She also got a new pair of pajamas and a fresh outfit for our new year as well. She squealed with delight when I showed her that she has her own box on our school shelf with just her things in it. She's a funny girl. I'm more than happy to let her stay little, and too-young-for-school, for a bit longer. No JK for this young lady. 
And, while we're on the topic of "little", of course we couldn't leave out our Benny. 
Little stinker. He's already proved, on this first day of school, that it's going to be a challenge taking a few hours of attention almost completely off of him. 
I just have to come up with some creative ways to keep him busy for a while, that's all. 
So far, so good! 
Everyone's co-operating with the schedule I have set out, and they seem to be excited about what's in store for them. I can only do my best and hope that they continue to be excited about learning. When they're happy, I'm happy! When we're all happy, well, that just seems like a perfect recipe for a successful year.


Erin J said...

When I had a two year old and was homeschooling the older ones, I came across a blog post of ideas that absolutely saved me! I can't remember all of them, but my favorites, and the ones that worked the best were: a bowl and spoon with ice cubes, a bowl and spoon with cotton balls, chocolate pudding finger painting, a bath, sometimes with play foam or food coloring. Anything new and somewhat messy would hold his attention for 20 minutes while I helped an older kiddo. :)

Becky Andrews said...

Wow they grow up so fast! Best to you all as you start the new school year!!