Wednesday, September 30, 2015

good pup

I'm not sure I've mentioned lately how good of a puppy Kalli is. Aside from taking off once in a while in a friendly prance with a local runner, or cyclist, she really has been behaving herself. 

She stays away from the kids' food, even if it's right in her face.

She's great on the leash, and the kids can even walk her without her pulling them. 

As far as I've seen lately, she's stopped chewing on shoes, toys, and water meter cords. 

On the down side, she is a digger. 
Not cool. 

She also is a licker. She doesn't do it to us anymore, but as soon as we have a visitor and she's excited to see them, she licks. And licks. And doesn't stop until you get mad at her. It's kind of weird, but she's gotten better. We're working on that. 

 She is so great with the kids, and has started to get very protective of them. I think she will soon be a very good guard dog, which is pretty important to me. 
 She just had her first birthday, and I think she's doing great!! Keep it up Kalli girl!

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