Friday, October 30, 2015

halloween party

Matt just recently started going on a hunting trip with his dad and grandpa. They book the cabin for a week starting on the first Saturday of November every year. This year, the first Saturday fell on Halloween. Bummer.
Matt was so disappointed, and he knew that I wouldn't be happy about it. So, he decided to make up for it by throwing a party for the kids. (and adults)
He went all out and picked up strobe lights, black lights, fog machines, and zombies. 
The best part? He was going to set up at Kristyn and Brian's new house. It's an old farm house - and in a perfect condition (in need of some indoor, cosmetic TLC) to set up a spooky party. He made the main haunted attraction in the unfinished basement. 
It turned out to be pretty perfect actually. 
We were all a mess!


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