Thursday, October 22, 2015


Today marks seven years since our Hanna was born.
I'm telling you, she's caused more than a few of my grey hairs, in her seven years.  She's caused me to hope, pray, believe, and wish, like never before. She's proved that miracles happen, because she is one herself.
 Our girl is a running, skipping, swinging, biking, talkative little stinker. She's got the sweetest heart, and a sensitive soul 
She's silly, and loves her family more than anything. 
She loves being home, and keeps herself busy. 
Sometimes you can find her just playing by herself, with a doll, acting out an entire dialogue that she came up with all on her own. 
She's still a peanut. But, don't try to tell her that. She's "a big girl!", at just 32 lbs. She's growing steady though, at her own rate, and it's amazing to watch. We see growth every day from her - although physically, the rate is slow, developmentally, she's blowing our minds. 
 She's smart. Very smart. She uses her disability to her benefit, to either get out of doing something, or the opposite - to be able to do something everyone else can't. 
She doesn't get away with too much though. We have to treat her just like everyone else. That's how she thrives. 
She's reading many small words. 
She's doing simple math equations. 
 She's learning braille at a crazy rate - reading and writing. 
She likes learning, but gets frustrated if she doesn't catch on to something right away. We have a lot of discussions at school, and she fully participates in them, proving just exactly what she's been absorbing into that cute little head.
 This morning she ran into my room, excited that the tooth fairy came, and almost forgot it was her birthday. As soon as I started to ask her what day it was, she cut me right off screaming:
And everyone gave her big birthday hugs. 
I went out into the kitchen to start getting breakfast going, and she runs out yelling "Do you feel seven coming, because I can feel it in my blood!"
That was unexpected, to say the least, and I don't think I stopped laughing about it all day long!
We waited for Matt to get home, sang Happy Birthday and gave her our present. Anna and Elsa singing dolls, as she requested. 
My mom made special birthday cupcakes with her a couple days before, so we had some of those after that. It was a good day. Just quiet, and perfect. 
Happy Birthday, my miracle.
Just keep doing what you're doing. You do it well. 


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Becky Andrews said...

Happy, happy birthday to a beautiful girl!! Thanks for sharing your journey.