Sunday, December 20, 2015

bees bees

I went outside to feed the animals, and noticed a giant yellow thing hanging off the side of the big willow tree. 
 Turns out, it's a huge, Benny-size honey comb! 
Since I'm not an experienced bee-keeper, I've been nervous going into the winter season with my little bees. I did the best I could to prepare the hive for the cold, fed them up, and then left them alone when it got too cold to open up the hive. 
When I saw this, I panicked! 
I still don't really know what it means, but it's definitely bees. It's not my bees - at least not all of my bees- but it is bees. The comb is identical to mine. 
I checked on mine to be sure that my hive wasn't empty, and it's full of the little guys, so I feel better now. At least I know they didn't swarm.
I also know, that in the summer time, I'll be climbing up there to steal some fresh honey! 

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