Monday, December 21, 2015

the shiner

I can't even really call it that, because it really didn't even exist. 
Ben is a really fast healer. 

He wiped out pretty bad just a week ago. He fell off the foot of my bed, hitting his face right off of a dresser drawer, that Hailey had opened before hand. The drawer is part of an old built-in closet, and has unfinished edges and definitely the opposite of a soft landing. 

He didn't even cry. He screamed. I picked him up as quick as I could, and realized he had a cut just below his eye. I thought he might even need stitches because it appeared wide. Another small area right next to the cut turned purple instantly, so as fast as I grabbed the ice, I called my mom. 
 She came over to check him out, and we decided that he wouldn't need professional medical attention, and I should just let him sleep it off and see how he was when he woke up. 
 He kept telling me "I a'wight mum, I a'wight."  Little tuffy.

By the next day it already looked like this:
 Excuse his dirty face.

The day after that:
And today, it's perfect. Barely even a bruise. We came to the conclusion that maybe it didn't bruise up because it bled a bit. 
Either way, he's a good healer! 
His first big bo-bo. 
Glad we got that over with. 

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