Sunday, January 24, 2016

a nice day for an ice day!

Although our winter so far has been pretty crappy, as far as weather goes, we're still making the most of it! 
It's been mild, and muddy...
Once in a while we get cold enough to have a bit of snow...but then it thaws. 
Then, we may get a few days below zero to make us some ice. 
We have our own little skating rink in the field next to the house. It flooded in the fall, and now freezes up nicely when it's cold enough.  So, we have a sledding hill, and a mini rink basically in our backyard! We headed out there today and played on the ice for a while, then went for a walk to do some exploring. Of course I didn't bring my camera, but we had quite a list going of everything we saw on our little adventure. Including our crazy little pup chasing four poor doe through the field just meters away from us.
Have I mentioned that we live in the BEST spot?
 After coming back inside and getting everyone toasty with some hot chocolate, we spent some time at Nanny's pond. 
Kristyn brought the sticks, pucks, and nets, and Mom and dad brought {more} hot chocolate!
 Hanna tried out skates for the first time! This is the first year she's been brave enough to even put them on. Let's not forget how careful she always has been. She needs practice, but she did great for her first time!
Hailey also had a go. A first for her as well! They both did great!
(**Side note**-See that gold van? It's ours! Yay! Thanks Aunt Tina and Uncle Chris! We now have a heated vehicle!)
 That rope has been hanging on the same little branch since I was small enough to swing on it. :)

 After everyone got too cold and damp, we headed over to Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner. I think it was a Sunday well spent.

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