Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I think it's a new tradition to spend New Year's Day at my parent's house for dinner and Chinese food! 

We stayed in our pajamas all. day. long. 

The kids always have such a messed up sleep schedule for the entire holidays, so this is always the first day that we can let them just sleep, and not have to worry about getting them up (or ourselves for that matter!) for anything. Well, except dinner. :) 
So, we had a lazy day. 

At this point, I'm always feeling a little bit of the post-Christmas blues. 
I got them again, but this time they didn't last long. I made it a point this year to not let them get to me. I always feel like we rush through the holidays. So much celebrating all at once, when it's done, it's kind of depressing! 
But in reality, there is absolutely nothing depressing about it. 
Yeah, decorations come down, carols turn off, and everything goes back to "normal". 
Normal though, is pretty dang good. 

Another Christmas done, and another year beginning, is reason in itself for celebration - every single day, all year long. 

So, my one and only New Year's Resolution is to enjoy every single day. To not sweat the small stuff. To not worry about things that aren't even happening. To be completely content with what is happening now, and live for today - not yesterday, or tomorrow. 
To celebrate this life every day.

Chinese food sure helps kick-start it in the right direction too!

2016...Here we go!


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