Saturday, February 20, 2016


 A few months back, my mom and I showed our support for a family that I actually met years ago at a play date through CNIB. This family of nine have 3 kids who are visually impaired. They had the chance to try out these eSight glasses and realized how beneficial they would be for them. The youngest, and the one who we met at the play date, is 11 years old, and goes to the same homeschool co-op as us.  They had the fundraiser to raise money to buy a couple pairs of these insanely expensive glasses. 
Anyway! I won a family pack for our local bowling rink. So, Matt and I took the kids for a night out!
 It was a first time for most of the kids. Hanna was about two last time we came, but Gracie's been here just lately with some friends. 
 Because we were just walk-ins, we weren't able to get bumpers, and being surrounded by families of small children, we weren't able to get light-weight balls for the kids either because they were all taken.
 So, we used the ramps. It was kind of cheating, but it was really the only way! We had a great time.
 Matt's been getting some unexpected weekend nights off lately, so it's nice to be able to hang out - just us. It was even nicer to be able to go out for a change, and everyone really enjoyed bowling!
 Next time, we'll be sure to call ahead and make sure we're prepared to let them learn how to actually bowl. 

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