Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Easter started out on Good Friday with three hours of quiet time and an educational video for the kids, and then church. 
Saturday we attended the Easter Vigil late mass, and the kids felt pretty special that I went through the McDonald's drive through at 11:00 at night just to get them a large Coke for being angels for 2 hours in church.

Sunday was busy. We started at mom and dad's for brunch! 
I attempted some photos of the kids in their {very adorable and co-ordinating} outfits...

 Brunch was extra-delish, and then it was time to enjoy the weather, and an egg hunt! 
(Thanks Mom and Dad)

 (See the little red blob by the tree? That's Hanna after getting a tip from my dad. Egg hunting isn't very fair for poor Hanna.)
 After hanging out for a while, we headed to Matt's parent's for dinner!
We also did mine and Gracie's birthdays since we won't be home for our actual ones. 

 Ayden and Gracie both had pretty cute fedoras, so naturally, we had to get a photo.
And that wraps up Easter 2016.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bowling again!

 During March break Santi came to visit and stay with Yuli and Tim. My kids didn't get to take March break because I'm a strict teacher like that. Well, actually it's because we'll be going to Florida for a week in April (which we are totally stoked about by the way), so we'll have our break then! 
Anyhow, Yuli invited Kristyn and her kids, and me and mine along to go bowling one afternoon after school, and it was great! One game was just enough for me all these little kids, so it was perfect. 

 There's kids missing in these photos. Forgive me. I had to bowl with 3/4 of my kids, so it wasn't the easiest to get any photos. 

 At the end of the game I let Ben bowl all by himself. The ball was only 6 pounds, so he could actually lift it. I had to get a shot of him watching his ball. He did this every time.
It's like he thought you were supposed to have a seat and watch it roll down the lane every. single. time. 
Cutie pie.
 At the end of our game I wanted to try to get a shot of the kids playing with the claw machine. My kids have no clue what this thing even does, but I could get a shot of their expressions through the other side so I wanted to let them try it! 
Turns out it was only a quarter per try and Kristyn and Yuli had quarters for everyone! 
Everyone got a turn, and there was actually one winner out of them all! 
My Hanna girl! I've never seen anyone win anything from a claw machine let alone a blind kid! :) 
No picture of her because she was too short. Oh well. You'll just have to believe me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

picture of the day

First sign of Spring! 
Looks like my bees survived too, and are already starting the honey process! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

a breakfast song

I'm glad I always have my camera so close. 
This morning when Matt got home, he sat down with the girls and talked to them as they ate their breakfast. Hanna told him about how she had a dream about his "buzzing amp", (he played plugged in the night before and his connection is bad) so he grabbed his guitar and started playing for them. 
He started adding in rhyming lyrics on the fly, and these two sillies could not contain themselves! 
 Oh, the simple things!