Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Easter started out on Good Friday with three hours of quiet time and an educational video for the kids, and then church. 
Saturday we attended the Easter Vigil late mass, and the kids felt pretty special that I went through the McDonald's drive through at 11:00 at night just to get them a large Coke for being angels for 2 hours in church.

Sunday was busy. We started at mom and dad's for brunch! 
I attempted some photos of the kids in their {very adorable and co-ordinating} outfits...

 Brunch was extra-delish, and then it was time to enjoy the weather, and an egg hunt! 
(Thanks Mom and Dad)

 (See the little red blob by the tree? That's Hanna after getting a tip from my dad. Egg hunting isn't very fair for poor Hanna.)
 After hanging out for a while, we headed to Matt's parent's for dinner!
We also did mine and Gracie's birthdays since we won't be home for our actual ones. 

 Ayden and Gracie both had pretty cute fedoras, so naturally, we had to get a photo.
And that wraps up Easter 2016.


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