Sunday, April 17, 2016

Florida - Day 6

Our last day. We made it full of beach.
It was a good last day.

This was the day that kids saw the dolphins right up close. 
Every single day we saw plenty of dolphins, and it never got old. 
It was amazing.
But, one day during the busy time on the beach, Gracie, Austin and Bryanna were out about up to their chests in the water. 
We see dolphins jumping a little ways back, and so the kids started clapping their hands, as if cheering for their tricks they were doing.
Turns out, the clapping totally attracted these little dolphins to swim right over to the kids! 
They were about 10 feet away, flipping and slapping their tails on the water. The more the kids clapped, the more they did. Everyone at the beach was getting a show, and encouraging the kids to "keep clapping!". It was incredible. 
They will never forget that experience!   
 The above is a very bad zoomed up photo of the dolphin on it's way over. It got even closer than that. I was using a super wide lens, and had to put it down while they were so close, Honestly they made me just a little bit nervous so close to the kids!

 We left shortly after dinner - since it worked so well on our way down. 
The kids slept a good portion of the drive again, and we made it home for dinner the following day. 
I couldn't have imagined the trip any better than it was. It was perfect, and just so awesome that everyone could make it down together - even if for just a couple days. 
This one will definitely be one of the most memorable vacations ever. 
Thank you mom and dad, for everything. It was absolutely perfect.

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