Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Florida - day 1

We left in the evening for the big Florida trip! We were so glad to leave the crazy cold weather for some hot sun! The kids slept a good portion of the drive, and were awesome in the car. 

 Since we have our fancy new van, with a fancy new DVD player, they were able to watch a couple movies while they were awake, when there was nothing else to do. 
My biggest concern was public bathrooms, and miss Hanna. She hates them. Last time we drove this far, she just chose not to "go" the entire way up, having meltdowns at every stop. This time we gave her no choice. When we stopped to go, she had to too, and there would be no meltdowns.  Period.
Guess what though. 
She was just fine. 
We stopped at I-Hop for breakfast and she said she liked that bathroom. 
Then the next bathroom was okay too. 
She just dealt with it. And that is a huge step up from last time. I was very proud.
 I think they were half asleep when we got to I-Hop. They all wanted pancakes, so that's what they got!

 After a few more hours, lots of snacks, and dinner at Pizza Hut, we finally got to the condo. After checking out the beach, the pool, and the awesome sand art, we called it an early night!

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