Sunday, April 10, 2016

gracie is 9!

My Gracie girl. 
 Wise-beyond-her-years, but doesn't want to grow up. 
She amazes me with her patience and her kindness every day. She gets embarrassed easily, but is silly more than serious. 
 She loves her siblings more than anything else in the world, and helps out whoever needs it, wherever they are. Whether its helping the girls buckle their belts in the van, or getting Benny his favourite car from the top shelf, she's always there to save the day.
She's one of the most sensitive and empathetic kids I know. 
 She's hilarious.
I hope she knows how much she's appreciated around here. 
She does more than she needs to, just because it's her nature. She loves to help and always asks if she can do anything if she sees I'm busy with a project. 
 I woke her up on her birthday morning by jumping on her and tickling the tiredness right out of her. Then we headed off to swimming class.

When we got home we sang Happy Birthday and gave her her gift. 
We got to celebrate her birthday this year just quietly at home before leaving for Florida two days later!

We got her a purse and a brand new camera. She loves taking pictures, and we were sure she'd absolutely LOVE to bring it on vacation.
 Which she did! 

 Lucky duck. Not very often does she have a sun tan for her birthday party! 
We love you Gracie Lynn. You are such a blessing!

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