Sunday, May 1, 2016


Since Sawyer, Ben, and Mom's birthdays all fall one after another, we figured we would celebrate today, on Sawyer's birthday - all of them. 
We started our with Benny since he's the youngest. 
Of course I had to make him a Paw Patrol cake. Actually, it turns out that his entire birthday theme, gifts and all, was Paw Patrol! Spoiled boy!

 We did Sawyer Man's next. Unfortunately I have absolutely no pictures of him because I was taking photos for Michelle with her camera. Believe me, he was adorable, and so excited about every single gift he got. It was quite cute. His theme was "Ninjago".
 Up next was Mama!
 She (very deserving of it) got pretty spoiled, if you ask me. :)

 She wasn't expecting to get a Harley Davidson riding jacket so she can match dad's new bike.
 And thought it was pretty funny apparently.
 After kids got loaded with cake, Michelle set them up with a couple games. This one they had to shoot balloons off the wall with a dart gun to get a prize. Surprisingly enough, they all shot one!
 It was a good time. I'm always happy to celebrate the birthdays together. I think it makes everyone's extra-special!

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