Sunday, May 29, 2016

raccoons and ducks...

They don't mix well. 

We know this because one killed our beloved Ritz! And a few of mom and dad's chickens. 
Purely by accident, I found this little guy. 
Asleep in my mom and dad's yard, under their big tree. We're positive it fell from the tree and it has brothers and sisters still up there. 
We tried returning him to his family by leaving him out all evening, and then the entire next night, but no luck. 
His momma must not want him back. 
So, mom got him going good with a bottle, and did all the hard work. (Staying up all hours of the night because he was a screamer.) 
Her and dad went up North for the weekend though, so he was now my responsibility. (I'm sure she was relieved! he he)
He's staying at our house now, but he's kind of a community coon. 
Cameron's given him the name: Rocket. 
 My girlfriend Crystal brought over her girls to come see all the babies. It's really a sweet sight to see! All the babies together.

 The goal is to let them (coon and ducklings) spend as much time together as possible, so that when teeth erupt, he doesn't want a taste of duck!