Sunday, May 15, 2016


 Well, we lost a great duck.
 It was obviously a raccoon that killed her. She was in the pen, in her hut, and her eggs were eaten. She was killed and barely touched, but left there for me to find in the morning.
 She was very protective of the kids, and showed us how much fun pet ducks are. We never imagined that ducks would make one of the best pets until she came around!
 We talked to our old neighbor to get her some buddies, and have eggs with our names on them, just waiting to hatch any day!
 I'm glad we already committed to more ducks. Otherwise, I would feel like we were replacing her. She can never be replaced! She was a special duck, and will always be our very first.

Good-bye, dear Ritzy! You will never be forgotten!

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