Friday, June 3, 2016


 Miss Hanna had her cardiology appointment in Toronto. I dread these appointments every single time. 

She had an odd virus that made her really sick to her stomach. She was extremely bloated, and sore, and let's just say dehydration quickly became a worry because of the amount of time she spent on the toilet. 
Of course this was happening just days before her appointment, and the morning we left - I'm talking 2am - she was extremely sick in the bathroom. She also had a nasty cough to go with it, and even vomited once. All I could think was the worst case scenarios.

It's very odd for her to get sick like that. But, I guess we were going to the right place if something serious was going on. 

She felt fine after her bathroom visit, and slept most of the ride up. Her first appointment was for 8:00 and we didn't have time for anything but waiting for our turn to go in. 
She was very tired, and annoyed at the fact of being there, and kept asking to go check out the rest of the hospital. It was a long wait.
 We were finally called in and got right to it. He did the echo (which seemed to take forever) and then he checked her blood pressure. 75/42.
Very low. 
Oh man, waiting to talk to the doctor to discuss results was the longest wait ever. I will admit that I was almost in a full-blown panic after her bp reading.
Turns out, she still has two small muscular VSDs. 
He said they are again, smaller, and he's not concerned. No need for antibiotics before dental visits, and no need to restrict her activity in any way. Her valves looked great, and her lungs sounded and looked great. 
Thank God. 
Her blood pressure was low because she hadn't eaten anything yet, and of course she probably was getting dehydrated! 
Poor kid. 

Anyway, we got out of that hospital as fast as we could after her visit. I had the biggest relief headache ever, at this point.
 She just wanted to eat. So we drove until we found somewhere decent and had a nice lunch. 
We took our time and enjoyed having some Hanna time.
 Then we were off! Heading home and so happy with the visit. 
Next visit: 3 years!! HURRAY!

We still don't know what was making her stomach so upset, but she eventually got over it.
This girl. She drives me crazy! We're so fortunate that she's so healthy, but having a little bout of illness shows us that she can get sick, and fight it off like everyone else. 

With this appointment done, I can finally start looking forward to the summer!

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