Monday, June 6, 2016

friendly little playmate

We were outside after school, and noticed that Kalli was out in the field, being more excited than usual about something she found.
Gracie said to me "Mom, what if she found a baby deer out there!"
Thinking to myself how unlikely that would be, I looked a little harder, and sure enough - there was a fawn!

I started walking out, to see if I could get Kalli away from it, but the little guy actually started walking toward me. Kalli got even more excited when he started to move, so she got closer, and the deer started running. The poor thing was tripping over the old crops in the field, and fell a couple times before I could finally get to him in our fence row. 

I took him back to the yard and called my mom. (I call my mom for everything.) 
Once she came, we decided that he was big enough to fend for himself, and so we should bring him back to the field where his mom would surely come back for him. 

I walked him to the very back of the field, put him down, and started my way back, just to find him running behind me, like a little puppy. 

So, we just let him hang out with us for a while!
 Eventually he wondered back out to the field on his own, and I just kept an eye on him throughout the rest of the day. 
 By the end of the day, I did see a doe out back that showed interest when he was crying, so we can only hope that she was his momma, and that she found him.
Sure was a fun experience!  
Experience of a lifetime for these kids, that's for sure!

Gracie told me later on that she's sure it happened because just before we found him in the field, we found a four-leafed clover. 


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