Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hailey's post-op and ducklings

Hailey had her post-up appointment today, so her and I took off in the morning and got that out of the way. 
Everything looked fantastic, and we won't be seeing them again for a year. YAY! I can't even explain how happy I am to finally have her little teeth all fixed up! 

Now, for this next part, keep in mind that I take care of the ducklings. They're mine, and I do everything that needs to be done for them. 
When we go in the house, they go in a cage - nice and safe. 
They are never alone. 
If I can't be out with them, they go in their cage.
They sleep in the house, where their safety is guaranteed.
The dog doesn't go outside with them alone - ever. 
She thinks they're squeaky toys.
You get the idea here...
I probably over-protect these guys. 

Well, after Hailey's appointment we headed home, and as soon as I pulled in the driveway I knew something was up. Kalli was laying in the yard, and no one else was in sight. 
The raccoon was in the duck's cage, and there were no ducks anywhere. 
Well, until I walked a bit further. Little Graham was on the ground, lifeless, and Goldie was nowhere to be found. 

Apparently, Matt decided that it was okay to leave the ducks outside by themselves because they were under the porch, and it would take too much effort to shake their food for 3 seconds and lure them out.
According to him, he made sure Kalli was in the house too, so maybe Ben let her out, but she was very obviously outside when I got home. There's no proof to say that she was even responsible for what happened. Anything could've happened. The cats, a bird...who knows. This is why I'm so protective of them! Anything can happen!
Ugh. Now we're duckless again.

Matt knows it was his fault, and obviously I can't trust him to duck-sit anymore. 
At least the kids were all safe and sound, so that's a plus! Sheesh.  

My poor duckies. I've been looking forward to having ducklings since the Fall, and I'm not sure now if we'll even be getting more, so I'm bummed. 

I may be trading in a husband though....

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