Friday, June 10, 2016

hanna's ot update

Hanna's main struggle is her fine motor skills. It always has been, and we're always working on them. 

She gets occupational therapy on a regular basis, as long as we're willing. They come to the house, so it's convenient, and they really do have great ideas. 
I was feeling like it was a waste of time for a while though, so I didn't have them come for a bit. It seemed like they were always working on the same things, and I was getting discouraged because there wasn't very much noticeable improvement happening. 

I got a call from the centre that she receives the OT from, and they informed me that Hanna would have a new therapist. This would be a great time to have her come in and give me her word on how she thinks Hanna's doing, and maybe give some new tips, tricks and goals.  It was also good timing because it's the end of the school year, and it's nice to have some goals through the summer to work on. 

She came to the house, and Hanna loved her immediately. She was very fun, but not over the top and...ahem... annoying. I really liked her as well. 
Hanna proved herself capable of so many of the goals on Mrs. Lorna's reports from the previous therapists.  
 She blew her out of the water with her tweezer skills, beading a necklace, and cutting out shapes! 
She worked on her printing skills, which always needs practice, but we have a couple new tricks to try for that, and I know improvement is right around the corner.
 It was a very encouraging visit, and honestly it made my day! It was also a nice way to end the school year, since it was our last day today! WOOT WOOT!

Way to go (once again!) Hanna Banana!

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