Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hanna had her appointment today, and I found it a little bit surprising. 

First of all, all we had to do was mention the word "eye drops" and she immediately gave the doctor a hard time. So, we skipped them. I think it was good because we got to do a little acuity test that we usually aren't able to do because of the drops. 

According to his test, her acuity sits at about 20/400.
That part didn't really surprise me. She does amazing things with that tiny bit of vision.

The most surprising thing to me, was that this acuity is the same in both eyes. Even though we can tell that she uses her inside right peripheral for everything.
So, we're questioning now how the kid actually uses her vision. (Or if she memorized the test...)
It's still a "wait and see" game, as every time we go she's older, and can tell us just a little bit more. 

We'll be going back soon with the drops to get an actual peak into those eyes. I'll just be administering the drops myself before we go in. 

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