Monday, June 13, 2016

schoooool's out for the summer!

Schooool's out for ever! 
Well, not really. But the song is good. 

Today is officially our first day of summer vacation! 
We have no big plans. 
Just swimming, 
and that's about it!

I'm just as happy as the girls to be done. As fast as the year goes by, the school year seems to drag out. If you know what I mean. 
It's been a fun year, full of little projects and discussions which I really enjoy. I really like doing work together as a group. Even though Gracie was in grade 3, and Hanna was doing grade 1 and 2 work, we still did a lot of things together which is kind of neat. It proved to be a good way to do things because the days we worked this way were our best days; and the days with the least complaining out of the girls. 

That's enough about school though! We're on vacation! 

Bring on the sunshine! 

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