Sunday, July 31, 2016

on the pontoon beach day

     After filling up on pancakes, we got everyone dressed for the beach and went just down the road to drop in Jim's dad's pontoon. 
The ride to the beach was short, and surprisingly we were the only boat there! The whole beach was ours almost the entire day. 

 Hobo pies for lunch!

 Gracie and Makayla wanted to check out the old lighthouse, so Crystal and I took them for a short walk to see that.
 Then it was time to go home! I think everyone was ready. It was a long couple of days!

 Gracie's a little nervous in boats....

 But she enjoyed herself. She's a little mermaid, so she'd rather be in the water, rather than on it. 
We went home, and took the next full day to recover from the sun and busy-ness. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Matt's on shutdown for a couple weeks, so at the end of his first week, we decided we should try to do something with the kids. Friends of ours, Crystal and Jim also wanted to get out, so we decided to go together, to a small, outdoor zoo just over an hour away.
Our kids get along great, and they were excellent all day. 
 I am in love with this little baby. Isn't he the sweetest thing?

 All the kiddos! One every year from 3 years old all the way to 9.

 This little monkey was the cutest. He went along the fence, taking a turn holding every single kid's (who was willing) hand. I think it was the highlight of the day for everyone!

 This guy was so ugly he was cute. So naturally, I had to get a photo.

 We passed the loudly groaning lions, highly active black bear, and sleeping tigers, and Ben only cared to see "the baby deer".  Easy to please I guess!

 Not sure what he was thinking here...
 The kids' favourite movie right now is The Land Before Time. Hanna just had to sit and get a picture on Sarah, the three horn.

 He was in his glory while everyone else hit up the splash pad.

By dinner time, everyone was ready to hit the road. 
Crystal, Jim, and the girls came back to our place after dinner for a game night and ended up crashing here. 

Pancakes for breakfast, and pontoon rides up next.