Monday, July 18, 2016


Gracie, Hanna and Ben all had dentist appointments today. I spared Hailey this time since she's had enough dental appointments to last her a lifetime! 

Everyone did okay. Hanna was the best behaved, and let him fill a small cavity right then and there, and then later asked if we could go back. Strange child. 

Gracie has a phobia of doctors and dentists because she doesn't trust that they're not going to stab her with a needle every time. So, she was much better than I expected, but when they mentioned a cavity, she got emotional and I ended her turn there. We'll go back and get that fixed soon. 

Ben sat on my lap while they looked in his mouth. We have to set up a time with a pediatric dentist because he's so young, and wasn't very cooperative.  

Hailey, she sat and watched. (And probably laughed to herself at all of her siblings.)

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