Friday, August 19, 2016

day trip to....

Pointe Pelee!
It was Michelle's birthday, and for something different to do, we (Michelle, Kristyn and I, and all the kids) headed there for the day. 
Michelle and the kids picked us up in the Winnie! 
Here we are waiting in the front yard for her to pick us up.

 The kids got to participate in a really cool program. They were deemed "explorers" for the day and they had to find things, and get stamps from certain was really neat and all of them were right into it!
 This next picture is my favourite from the day. Look at Gracie's face. 
She was totally watching out for Hanna's little fingers getting a bit too close to that snake's head.  :)

 Look at this mess of kids!

It was a very hot day, but everyone was so well behaved, and we had a lot of fun.
Happy Birthday Michelley!

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