Saturday, August 13, 2016

gram is 80

We celebrated Gram's birthday today! 
She turns 80 on the 16th. 
I think she looks great! 
 I was in charge of decorating, so I planned for a Luau.  I had lots of plans for outside, but of course the one day it decides to rain this summer, it had to be today. 
I had a ton of leis, and a bunch of hanging decorations, so it all worked out anyway. 
Gracie was thrilled to dress up like a little Hawaiian girl, but she said her favourite part was when Ayden dressed up too, and could've passed as her sister.
Everyone had a lot of fun. Matt's entire family was able to come to celebrate. That's all she asked for - a big party with EVERYONE there. That's what she got, and it was a great night!

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