Thursday, August 4, 2016

swim day!

 Although this is a huge deal, and I should've posted this already, and I should definitely have photos, somewhere in the last couple weeks, Hanna touched the bottom of the pool! Yay!! I actually played the mean mom card, and basically made her swim until she was too tired and had to put her feet down. 
Mean, but it worked! When she felt it, she said, very surprised and overwhelmed: "Oh!" 
I made her stand there and talk to me to keep her mind at ease, and she even started practicing blowing bubbles and putting her face in the water. Holy crap!
She wanted to get out after just a couple minutes, but she told me when she was drying off "I wonder what it's like to go underwater." Holy cow...I wasn't expecting that. 
I'm not going to rush her into that, but we're making real progress here. She said to me later on "You know I trust you, mom. And I trust Nanny too." 
Oh, my heart.
Since she can barely reach the bottom, my mom and dad drained even more water out of the pool so she will have no problem touching from now on. My job is to get over there, and get her in often enough to make her comfortable and hopefully before we know it she'll be begging us to go back in! 
Ah, I'm very proud of her.

And....because my mom requested it, a picture of my dad getting out of his car after a long day at work, barefoot. 

My parents...
they. are. the. best.
I don't know what we'd do without them. 

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