Friday, September 30, 2016


Well, everyone has officially gotten the "plaque" that Matt had. Or something different. Who knows. 
But it's awful, and this is my living room right now. Blankets, PJs,  and TV are taking over. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

warm days

 We've had unseasonably warm days, and we've been trying to take advantage of it as much as possible! 

Fall is upon us! least trying to be. Check out that undecided tree!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

this girl

"Mum! Take a picture while I try to blow a giant bubble!"

Friday, September 23, 2016

more like himself

We're in the process of getting rid of a nasty bug going around the house. 
My little Benny had this thing for a good couple of weeks, and just couldn't shake it. Finally, as of today, he's starting to feel a little more like himself. 

 Gracie totally cracked me up. She got out of the shower and she was still wrapped up in her towel, but wanted to show Benny how to make a "serious like batman" face.  So, she tried to hide behind the table, placing only her head on the table. Ha Ha! Such a weirdo.
 This was his shot at it.
 But he can only hold a serious face for so long.
I'm just so glad he's starting to feel better.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

shay's shower

Shay's wedding shower was tonight and it went great. 
The girls were looking forward to our "girl's party" and my mom and Shay's mom finally got to just see all their hard work in action. 
 They're going to Thailand for their honeymoon, so the shower was a surprise "Thai" theme. 
It was good. 
The girls had fun, and everyone was very well-behaved. Like always.


Monday, September 12, 2016


 Gracie started gymnastics today! 
She's always been interested in gymnastics, and has taught herself so much stuff, so I surprised her by signing her up for a senior girl's recreation class. 
All the girls in her class have no experience, so it's a perfect class for her!
She was very nervous, and actually got upset on the way in with the instructor. 
She did awesome once she was in there, and couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home.
I think it will be really great for her. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

first day of school

The first day flew by, and everyone had a great day! Even little Benny who obviously wasn't as interested in the lesson but listened intently until this happened.
The girls were both very happy with the day and the schedule I set up for them. I was pleased with how smoothly everything went as well! 

They do their individual work first which includes math, language arts, phonics, reading, and braille, and then we finish the day with the work they can do together. This includes geography, science, history, religion, and health. We do a nature study, and right now we're focusing on specific mammals and where they are found. 

It's working out really well, and I'm hopeful that they don't start getting bored, and giving me a hard time.
But. Enough about that. Here's our back to school photos!

These were taken at the end of the day, so don't mind the messy kids. Hanna didn't want her picture taken, so I had to deal with the one of her laughing hysterically as she tried to run away! 

After these were taken, we kept the tradition alive by heading out for ice cream with Mom, Aunt Patti-Lynn, Jamie and the girls, Kristyn and the kids, and Michelle and the kids. Dad even made it this time!
Hurray for a successful first day!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labour Day

My mom put on an amazing Labour "Sunday Funday" for one last big hurrah of summer! 
It was awesome. We spent the day eating (of course), drinking, playing with water balloons, swimming (if you were a crazy kid who didn't mind the cold!), and visiting with friends and family.
I didn't get any photos of that part of the day because there was just too much going on! Almost everyone came, from Aunts and Uncles, to friends with their kids. It was just so much fun.

The evening was finished off with an outdoor movie projected onto Michelle's VW van, "the winnie", and a bonfire with marshmallows. 
We are so spoiled. 

Matt and I spent the night in the tent with the kids, and Michelle slept in the winnie with hers. Kristyn pooped out and cheated and went home leaving her kids to fend for themselves in their tent. Ha!

 In the morning Mom and Dad came out to get a fire started, and fire-cook waffles with syrup and whipped cream. 
It was an amazing way to spend the last official day of summer break. 
I'm hoping this is going to become another one of our perfect family traditions.
I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it...but I am blessed with the most **incredible** parents. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

County Fair

We are lucky enough to live in a small town right next door to an even smaller town, that puts on the best, little, old-fashioned, county fair. 

Matt and I take the kids every year, but this year Matt had some form of the plague, or at least *ahem* he acted like it, so I invited my parents to join my little clan and I. 

 It's fun to just walk through. We never do the rides. We never have. The kids get kick out of looking at all the entries to the contests - baked goods, arts and crafts, photography, fruits and veggies, etc. Not to mention the tractors, farm animals, and some local craftsmen and women selling their goods.
 A snack is always a must.

 Oh mom, just let me have a picture of you eating your beloved funnel cake!

 Lawnmower-turned-racecar races!

 Just missing Mom in this picture...
 Always a good time! This time was just a little more special.