Thursday, September 1, 2016

I think he's comfortable

Rocket's pretty comfortable these days. 
He lets himself into the house.
He's helped himself to our toothbrushes, cleans out the bathtub drain, and pees in the toilet. 
I have child locks on my cupboards, and my garbage no longer has a home under the sink. 
Oh yes, this guy is a handful,

I've found him in random places around the house sleeping.
Here's a few:
Sharing a pillow with a sleeping Benny - on my bed.
Inside Hailey's drawer.
In the hamper of dirty clothes.
On my night stand. 
On everyone's bed at one time or another. 
On the dining chair.
Inside my box spring. 
In the dollhouse. 
In the bathtub. 
and here:
  Oh Lordy.

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