Thursday, October 6, 2016

doctor fail

Her expression says it all.
 We're lined up to see a new family doctor, so instead of going to our old family doctor, I figured we'd go to the walk-in clinic to see what the heck is up with these kids!  They just can't shake whatever this is.
We waited 2 hours to see the doctor, who prescribed them both an antibiotic, which he said wouldn't do anything to make them better, and a new inhaler. 
Great! The inhaler would be awesome.
We get to the pharmacy and wait another 40 minutes for our prescriptions to be filled, (obviously no one was in a hurry today) just to find out that the inhaler he prescribed isn't even approved for kids under 12. Hailey is only 5!! 
Geeze. So, the pharmacist refused to fill that prescription (thankfully), and we went home with a useless antibiotic. 

 And that's what I get for bringing them to the doctors. 

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