Saturday, October 22, 2016


 Our little Hanna Banana turned eight today!
Eight is a big number for such a little girl.
 She's been using turning eight as an advantage to get away with more, and I've been using it against her to get a way with less. 
She's a smart cookie, and when she doesn't act her age, all I have to do is tell her "I thought you just turned eight!" and problem solved. At least temporarily. 
She and Nanny made this cake and she just couldn't wait to light it up, blow it out, and let everyone try her masterpiece. I just love how excited she is in these photos.
 Hailey worked hard making her a picture. She decorated the envelope with a Pikachu and drew a picture of fireworks since she knows Hanna loves both of those things.

 Getting her ears pierced and her set of earrings was her big gift from us, but of course we got her something else to open on her actual birthday. 
While shopping for her present, I was at a loss. The kid has everything. I called home and asked Matt if he had any ideas at all, and he handed the phone to Gracie. She gave me a couple little ideas, and then while talking to her I saw the cutest little doll for the tub. I told Gracie what I was looking at, and she was just so excited and responded with the cutest "awwwwww, I really think she'll love that mum!" So that's what I got. I think Gracie was just as excited for her to open up her simple little doll as she was.
 I think Hanna is ready to be eight. 
And I think eight is ready for Hanna. 
She will put her own spin on it, and I'm sure there will be accomplishments and maybe a few challenges. One thing I know for sure is that I'm looking forward to what this year will bring. She's sure to grow, learn, and become even more Hanna - someone who lights up every room she walks into, and who only has amazing things in store for her. 

Eight will be a great year.

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