Monday, October 10, 2016

my artist

Hailey is the artist of the family. She'll do a craft whenever she possibly can, and my table is never without her box of markers and papers all over it. Some days I catch myself getting upset with her because there's just so. much. stuff. everywhere! 
And then I realize how thankful I am that she loves to do these things and every time she draws something new the pride in her face just lights up the room. How could I get upset about that?
 Her recent obsession is these beanie boo stuffed animals. They come in all sizes, and they really are adorable. Her favourite thing to do with them, of course, is drawing them. She sits them in front of her and draws and draws until she's gone through about about 5 pages perfecting it. Then she writes her name on the perfect one, and hangs it up on the fridge to show off to anyone who passes by.
I hope she never grows out of her love to draw.

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