Sunday, October 16, 2016

October birthdays

 Today we celebrated Hanna, Bryanna, and Matt's birthdays. 
Bryanna wanted to have a tea party, so we set up a couple little tables so the kids could have "tea". Hanna and my mom made cookies a few days before, so those were the "crumpets" for the fancy evening. 

 Mom even came decked out in her fanciest tea party gloves and scarf. Ha!

 When it was Hanna's turn for presents, she was just getting over an emotional breakdown about wanting a pup she saw at Canadian Tire (don't ask), so was pretty emotional opening her presents.
 It was also the first time seeing her "Rocket cake" I made for her. 

 Every card she opened was just as good as the last. Her eyes lit up when she heard who the gift was from, and was so sweet with everything.

 Michelle and the kids got her a Rocket beanie boo, which totally surprised her and made her cry. Silly girl!

 She even gave her Kinder Surprise a hug. 
Crazy kid. After this photo I started taking video because she was just way too cute. She told me it was the best birthday ever.
 Next it was Matt's turn in the birthday chair, and naturally, he got more spoiled than he deserves. :)

Another party in the books! Not a fancy one, but everyone was here and there were a lot of laughs and memories made. I'd say that means it was successful.

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