Tuesday, October 11, 2016

so brave!

When Hanna turned 6, I asked her if she wanted to get her ears pierced. Her response: "Maybe when I turn 8."
 So, since her birthday was coming up, I asked her again. 
This time, she was pretty excited about it and agreed to get them pierced! The girl stays true to her word!

She was excited until the day came to actually go get them pierced. 

She chickened out, and really got anxious about it. I knew she'd be disappointed if she didn't go through with it, so I took her anyway without mentioning it the entire ride there. I took her and the rest of the kids to the mall after school and our first stop was ICING. I showed her the different choices of earrings and she started getting a little bit more excited, but still didn't want to get earrings "that go all the way through her ears like a pin". 

After trying to convince her that it would only hurt for a minute, she finally told me that if she could find raccoon earrings, she would do it. 
 So, I told her we'd go to the next store and see if they had raccoon earrings there. Oh Lord. As I was thinking of other ways to persuade her into getting it done, because there was no way I'd find raccoon earrings...I found raccoon earrings.  Ha! What are the chances?! 
So, we bought them, and she agreed to suck it up and get them pierced!
 Brave girl. 
She chose pink "diamonds".
 There were a few tears, and an emotional little girl, so therefore no pictures afterward, but she did it and we were all so proud! 
Here's a photo from a few days later:
My pretty, little, brave lady.

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