Saturday, November 5, 2016

It seems like autumn actually exists this year! We've been having beautiful fall weather, and trying to get out as much as possible to enjoy it before we start transitioning to winter. Usually we go straight from summer to winter, so I feel like we're being spoiled by actually getting an autumn. 
Kristyn and I decided to take the kids to our local National Park for a day of fresh air and exploring. 
Matt's Gram came along for the adventure too which added to the fun. 

 Austin doesn't think twice to just pick up Ben or throw him onto his back when he starts complaining about being tired. Ben's his biggest fan.

 The kids were trying to find as many different leaves as possible to collect, and if they found acorns or pine cones, it was bonus.

 We took it easy on the trails because we had Gram along, but we ended up walking more than I wanted for her sake anyway.  It was a good day. 
Simple and slow-paced seems to be the trend these days, and I'm just loving it. We all need to learn to take it easy, breath, and enjoy every minute. Days like these are great reminders to myself to do just that.

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