Monday, November 7, 2016


This guy played in the yard with the kids and Kalli as I cleaned the house and put up Christmas lights.
 I didn't bring out my camera until after he jumped into the pile of leaves that Hailey was inside. He's a ton of fun, and we're all surprised he still hangs around.
 It was pretty comical when I was up on the ladder, he sat beside the bottom of it the whole time. Like a faithful friend. 
A jogger was making his way past the house, and did a quick wave and "hey!" as he went by. He then did a quick double-take, and didn't take his eyes off our crazy pet until he was out of view. 
I wonder what he was thinking..."Um...does she know she has a raccoon waiting for her at the bottom of that ladder?" "Does she need help I wonder?" 
Ha ha ha
 Him and Kalli have a very interesting friendship and are inseparable.  :)

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